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Macon High School Grads Search for Students They Never Had a Chance to Know

People often claim that anything they ever hear on the news is bad news. While there is certainly an abundance of bad news these days, a recent story about a high school reunion in Macon, Georgia provided one of the better feel good stories. The unique 50th high school gathering brought together over 200 people from segregated high schools to reminisce and get to know students they never had a chance to know. Inspired to connect with the African-Americans in Macon that he never had a chance to know because of segregation, Tom Johnson reached out and searched people from the classes of 1959 from various black and white schools. In a letter to fellow students Johnson wrote, "We all have deep personal memories of our high school experiences ... we had lived in a separate black and white world in Macon ... It is a different world today." For those who attended the reunion, there was nearly unanimous sentiment that the event was a wonderful opportunity to get to know people with diverse backgrounds.

Facebook now Profitable, But is All News Good for the People Search?

With over 300 million users, according to Daily Tech, the popular social network site Facebook has generated a positive cash flow for the first time. Facebook's ascension to profitability is remarkable given that just a few years ago a majority of people searches occurred on search engines such as Google. With the advancement of social networks like MySpace and especially Facebook, social networks are now the most popular destinations to search and locate people. Since people tend to reveal the most information about themselves on their social network profiles, performing a people search on Facebook often provides the most fruitful information.

How to Find People Under Regular Circumstances

I was just idly browsing through online news archives, searching for interesting old news I may've missed at the time. Sometimes it's good to revisit those events as they first transpired and reevaluate your perception of them.

On Victims of Unsuccessful People Searches and Better Ways to Find People

Every year, nearly a million people nationwide are reported missing. Most are eventually found in one piece; many did not want to be found to begin with. Still, thousands never return, having found a resting place under just another nameless rock far away from home.

Conducting a Successful People Search is Faster and Easier than Ever

Don't you just love stories about successful missing people searches? Wait 'till you hear the following story - it's irresistible.

It's Much Easier to Find People Today

Have you heard? A man who lives in Detroit, MI has recently contacted authorities because he believes he is Steven Damman, the two-year-old boy who was abducted on Long Island, NY over fifty years ago. He grew up feeling like an outsider in the family that raised him, and as an adult he began to research all similar missing children's cases. The FBI is still investigating his claim, but the family feels very hopeful.

On Horses and Other Methods of People Searches

Just got done reading about the Whitewater Area Mounted Search Team and Rescue in Wisconsin, a volunteer group that uses horses to help find missing people. The group got started in August 2006, after an autistic child went missing in the area, and several local horse owners volunteered to help search on horseback.

Your People Search Need Not Be Frustrating

We were all really concerned back in April when a teenage girl disappeared in Myrtle Beach, SC. Now, hearing she has yet to be found in the middle of June, makes me really sad. At this point, it’s not very likely they will find her alive. The story of Brittanee Drexel has just made it onto America’s Most Wanted, which means authorities and the family are getting pretty desperate, but keeping a stiff upper lip.

Find People You Didn't Know You Loved

Once upon a time, there was a boy growing up without a mother. He was being raised by his father and stepmother, and they told him his mother had died in childbirth. The boy had grown up without so much as seeing a picture of his mother, but he wondered what she'd been like. He'd asked his dad if he would help him find people from her family, but he'd just blown him off, and he'd all but given up on the idea. Until one day ...

How to Find People

(and Not Just When You Want to Give Them a Carving of a Jade Dragon Left by Their Dead Relative)

Successful Missing People Search May Still Save Boy's Life

The nation watches as Minnesota mother Colleen Hauser and her 13-year-old son Daniel who has Hodgkin's lymphoma, continue running from authorities. There is a warrant out for her arrest and she's been found in contempt of court. The Housers are refusing the mandatory chemotherapy they feel is being imposed on them, but the doctors say it is the only hope for the boy's survival. His only hope is that authorities succeed at this missing people search and stop his mother in time to save him.

The People Search Guru Strikes Again

I live to find people. Somehow new opportunities to find people seem to find me all the time. Case in point: my stepdad and his family. His son from a previous marriage has never wanted a relationship with his father, although one would be hard-pressed to find a nicer man than my stepfather. Yet, the boy has always remained loyal to his mother, who is not a very nice woman, to say the least. In the recent years my stepbrother has completely severed any and all ties not only with his father, but also with his grandparents - the father's parents - who practically raised him.

Try 'A Child is Missing' if You Need to Find People

The new nationwide alert program, A Child is Missing, uses the not-so-new technology of the Reverse 911 system, also known as the Amber Alert, to find people who have gone missing. Although initially used to locate missing children, the service quickly expanded to include all other types of at-risk adult population, including the elderly with Alzheimer's, college students, women, etc. Yet, A Child is Missing didn't change its name, perhaps because of the urgency it conveys, given the strong reaction the concept of child endangerment elicits from our society.

People Searches: Helping with Your People Search

I just saw a blog entry online, a kind of "missing persons" ad that puzzled me. A family in West Virginia is offering a $5000 reward for help provided in connection with their people search. Apparently, they are looking for a local mother and daughter who disappeared in 1999. The family patriarch and spokesperson expressed high hopes the reward will help unearth new information in connection with the missing relatives.