Find People You Didn't Know You Loved

Once upon a time, there was a boy growing up without a mother. He was being raised by his father and stepmother, and they told him his mother had died in childbirth. The boy had grown up without so much as seeing a picture of his mother, but he wondered what she'd been like. He'd asked his dad if he would help him find people from her family, but he'd just blown him off, and he'd all but given up on the idea. Until one day ...

The boy's dad and stepmom had suddenly both died in a tragic accident. He was now almost a grown man, and he was all alone in the big house. That's when he'd finally made a decision to search for his roots and find people who may have known his mom.

His online search had turned up several people with the same names, and he'd finally settled on the one that seemed to fit the profile the most. The boy now had the address and phone number of a woman who he thought may have been related to his birth mother.

It turned out to be his aunt, his mother's sister. When he called, she was so happy, she'd cried. She told him a lot about his mother, and it made him happy. They'd obeyed his father's wishes and stayed away from him all these years, but the family felt as if they'd lost two loved ones, not one. He didn't want to be angry at a dead man and decided "better late than never". He was just happy to find people who helped him to fill in the blanks in his perception of who he was. Now he had a family again.