It's Much Easier to Find People Today

Have you heard? A man who lives in Detroit, MI has recently contacted authorities because he believes he is Steven Damman, the two-year-old boy who was abducted on Long Island, NY over fifty years ago. He grew up feeling like an outsider in the family that raised him, and as an adult he began to research all similar missing children's cases. The FBI is still investigating his claim, but the family feels very hopeful.

It wasn't easy to find people in 1955. The Nov. 1, 1955 New York Times coverage of the incident described how more than 2,000 people searched for 28 hours, when the assistant chief inspector finally called off the search, making it a matter "for detectives only."

Poor Steven Damman. They didn't have much assistance back then. All they could do was search on foot with flashlights. Today's technology makes it so much easier to find people, especially missing children. The Amber Alert system has made the search so much more efficient and effective. Well, better late than never. Hopefully the man is right and the Dammans have regained their dear son. The family is awaiting DNA confirmation.

Technology brought to us other methods of investigation they could never have imagined in 1955. Today, if we lost touch with someone, all we have to do to find people and their updated contact information, is a quick people search online.