How to Find People Under Regular Circumstances

I was just idly browsing through online news archives, searching for interesting old news I may've missed at the time. Sometimes it's good to revisit those events as they first transpired and reevaluate your perception of them.

That's what just happened. Of course, it wasn't anything happy either - the very first article that caught my eye was from 9/13/01, or just two days after September 11th. The article discusses the different methods that are being used by search and rescue teams to find people trapped in air pockets. It's really chilling to be reading about various technologies and good old "sniffer" dogs used in the desperate search for survivors, still calling from their cell phones from under dozens of floors' worth of rabble, way past 48 hours, the cutoff after which the victims are not expected to survive.

I wish I didn't force myself to relive those horrendous moments by reading about dogs sent to find people and digging out body parts ... or maybe it was important to trigger my memory. This was, after all, the event that kicked our self-protective mechanisms into overdrive. Whereas widespread paranoia is never good, not being cautious in matters of personal safety and trust would be downright reckless.

Hence, the recent leaps and bounds in technological progress and our new ability to find people online, not only to confirm through public records that your new business partner or dinner date is not a dangerous individual, but to find the new phone number and address of someone you love dearly but haven't spoken to in a long time. Reading such reminders of how unpredictable and unfair life can be sometimes makes one want to reach out to those who matter, and that's a good thing.