Facebook now Profitable, But is All News Good for the People Search?

With over 300 million users, according to Daily Tech, the popular social network site Facebook has generated a positive cash flow for the first time. Facebook's ascension to profitability is remarkable given that just a few years ago a majority of people searches occurred on search engines such as Google. With the advancement of social networks like MySpace and especially Facebook, social networks are now the most popular destinations to search and locate people. Since people tend to reveal the most information about themselves on their social network profiles, performing a people search on Facebook often provides the most fruitful information.

In just a few short years, Facebook has made a major impact in people search. With over 300 million active users, and more than 120 million users logging in at least once a day; Facebook's popularity stretches across all demographics, including its fastest growing demographic of users age 35 and above. There is perhaps no greater indication of Facebook's impact than a recent story of two Australian girls who updated their Facebook profiles when they needed help as opposed to calling 911.

But not all news around Facebook has been positive. Despite its immense success, a recent campaign by the ACLU has left many wondering if their information was safe. By notifying people that the popular quiz applications enable access to a person's entire profile, many were left scrambling for their security settings to see if they were affected. Since Facebook's quiz applications are not likely to go away any time soon, make sure to check and see what information is available for others to see when they perform a people search on you.

With more growth than many other sites, it will be interesting to see what happens with Facebook and whether they encounter fewer or more security issues around their people search.