Macon High School Grads Search for Students They Never Had a Chance to Know

People often claim that anything they ever hear on the news is bad news. While there is certainly an abundance of bad news these days, a recent story about a high school reunion in Macon, Georgia provided one of the better feel good stories. The unique 50th high school gathering brought together over 200 people from segregated high schools to reminisce and get to know students they never had a chance to know. Inspired to connect with the African-Americans in Macon that he never had a chance to know because of segregation, Tom Johnson reached out and searched people from the classes of 1959 from various black and white schools. In a letter to fellow students Johnson wrote, "We all have deep personal memories of our high school experiences ... we had lived in a separate black and white world in Macon ... It is a different world today." For those who attended the reunion, there was nearly unanimous sentiment that the event was a wonderful opportunity to get to know people with diverse backgrounds.

Hopefully the reunion in Macon will inspire others to try to reconnect with people in their past. The good news for those who would like to connect with their past is that there are numerous ways to search people and locate key information. With a variety of people searches on the Web, you can now easily search by things such as location, last name, and even high school. If you have fond memories of people from your past, consider a people search to reconnect.